Animal advocates remind community to keep a close eye on outdoor pets this winter

Courtesy of Getty Images

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The snow is falling and the temps are continuing to plummet here in Northeast Ohio, making it even more important for pet owners to keep a close eye on their four-legged friends.

The ASPCA has all kinds of tips available on its website. Some of them include:

  • Drying off your pet as soon as they come back inside.
  • Dressing your dog in winter wear if they have short hair.
  • Washing their paws and stomach to remove any ice, salt or chemicals.
  • Feeding them a little extra to provide much needed calories.
  • If it’s too cold for you, then it’s too cold for your pet.

Animal advocates are also reminding the public to report any possible cases of animal abuse, whether that be a dog tied up outside in the cold with no food or water or one that has no access to shelter.

Under state law here in Ohio, companion animals are required to have access to shelter from heat, cold, wind, rain and snow or excessive sunlight. They’re also expected to have regularly access to food and water.

Those who see anything suspicious are asked to call their local animal control agency or police department.


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