Fake complaint sent to dog owners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) told 11 News that some neighbors are getting a fake letter complaining about their dogs barking too loudly.

The Colorado Springs Police Department and HSPPR said they are aware of the ‘falsified letter’ and that it did not originate from either agency.

The HSPPR sent the following statement to 11 News about the complaint protocol:
If neighbors make a noise complaint against your dogs with Animal Law Enforcement (ALE), they have the option to remain anonymous or attach their names to an official warning. If they wish to remain anonymous, ALE will send a Notice of Noisy Pet Complaint to your residence. This notification will include a specific Activity Number for reference; however, it is simply a notice that there has been a complaint, and there is no fine or information on further action at this time.

If you receive an official warning in-person or left at your residence by our ALE team, it will list the name of the person who filed the complaint. Once you receive an official warning, if you receive another warning in the next six months, you could be issued a fine starting at $50 for a first offense. As always, if you have any questions about any correspondence you receive that seems to be coming from Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, please call us immediately at 719-302-8798.

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