Feb. 1 workshop open to all animal advocates

Feb. 1 workshop open to all animal advocates
Welfare training to address area’s orphaned animals

After attending an awe inspiring 3-day workshop at the Helen Woodward Animal Care Center (HWAC) in California, Stray Love Foundation Founder Gayle Guthrie, returned passionate about sharing all that she learned.
“Compassion fatigue is not uncommon in rescue and shelter work, but after attending this workshop, I was re-energized and so enthusiastic about implementing all that I had learned to help more animals,’’ she said. “I just wished everyone I knew had been able to attend as well.’’
The workshop provides regional animal rescue organizations and shelters brand new ways to look at animal welfare, humane education, fundraising, public relations, social media and networking.
Wanting to share her experience. Guthrie applied for applied for a one-day workshop with the HWAC team. She did not expect to be selected.
“I knew many applied and chances to be selected would be slim. So my request would need to be a compelling one,’’ she said.
In her application, Guthrie provided info on the high number of stray cats and dogs and the high euthanized rate on the Gulf Coast.
“There are an amazing number of motivated people in our area who want to turn this around. Who want to help! They just need guidance, motivation and to learn these proven, effective programs,’’ Guthrie said.
Thanks to Guthrie’s initiative, HWAC’s acclaimed Business of Saving Lives workshop will be held on Feb. 1 in the Magnolia Room at Luna’s Restaurant (5753 Canal Rd.) in Orange Beach. Breakfast & lunch are provided and cost is only a $10 donation. Reserve seats at facebook.com/events.
HWAC President and CEO Mike Arms (pictured) will introduce specific policies to meet the changing needs of the animals in the Gulf Coast area. In addition, experts will provide information on concrete and proven fundraising methods; creative, out-of-the-box public relations techniques and social media best practices.
“The only way to change the world of animal welfare is to work together,’” said Arms. “We are honored to join with The Stray Love Foundation and guests from shelters and rescues throughout the Gulf Coast to discuss ways to continue working towards a more humane world.”
HWAC Prez to meet w. officials here

Mike Arms, Helen Woodward Animal Center President and CEO will meet with city officials, politicians and city leaders the afternoon before the workshop on January 30 from 3- 5 p.m. at a separate location.
If you or someone you know would be interested in attending this interactive and informative meeting on why humane animal care and compassion benefits not only the animals but our communities as well, email us at info@straylovefoundation.org to reserve your seat.

About the Stray Love Foundation

The Stray Love Foundation is a foster based animal rescue group founded in 2010 whose primary missions are: Assist stray, injured and abandoned animals through vet care, fostering, and adoption; Support trap, neuter, return, which helps reduce the feral cat population humanely; Facilitate and support the elderly and indigent with pet care, including vet costs, spay/neuter, and re-homing; Provide educational outreach to build awareness of the importance of companion animals and the importance of kind and compassionate treatment towards all animals.

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