Marion County Humane Society is expanding

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion County Humane Society is expanding by building a whole new facility.

Construction of the new building will begin late spring 2020. The new building will be put right behind the existing building to allow the shelter to continue operation while construction is being done.

The new facility will be larger and allow them to take in more animals for adoption, and of course create more space outside for all the animals to run in.

Frankie Spatafore is the manager of the shelter and is looking forward to the renovations so they can have a nicer facility for the animals.

“We’ll be able to house a decent amount more dogs, and a lot more cats,” said Spatafore. “We will also have a lot more yard space. So, we will be able to have more animals out at a time, more places for people to interact with them, and just overall a better system.”

The shelter is currently off of Locust Ave. in Fairmont on a hillside.

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