Montrose woman arrested after allegedly beheading dog

MONTROSE, Colo. (KJCT) – A Montrose woman barricaded herself in her home after police say she beheaded a dog.

In fact, the Montrose press reporting commander Tim Cox of Montrose PD saying he hasn’t seen an animal cruelty case of this nature ever before.

It all began when Montrose police say they responded to a welfare check on Tuesday morning and found a woman barricaded inside of her trailer house.

A police blotter emailed to our newsroom indicates that woman is 50 year old Reyhana Donaldson.Police tried to talk to Donaldson and get her to come out of the home on her own.After several attempts, they deployed tear gas in her home. Donaldson finally came out and was arrested. When searching the home, that’s when police found a decapitated dog.

“It was a terrible thing for our officers to experience because they had to witness things that were very disturbing. It’s certainly not the kind of call that you wake up to in the morning and anticipate going to. It’s been a little interesting to try to figure out just some of the history or some of what led up to this, but it really doesn’t feel like there was anything that led up to it,” says Commander Matthew Smith of the Montrose Police Department.

Police noticed Donaldson had injuries that appeared to be self-inflicted.
That’s when she was taken to the hospital.

Her trailer was close to Johnson Elementary School and officials decided to put the school into lockdown.

According to that same police blotter, Donaldson was arrested on several charges including animal abuse and resisting arrest, among others.

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