Safe Haven Pet Rescue is helping cats stay warm this winter

ROCHESTER, Minn.- A lot of cats are abandoned or dropped off on the side of the road, but a local organization is doing their part to help cats stay warm this winter.

Safe Haven Pet Rescue is a non-profit in Rochester that takes in cats thats are abandoned, ill or lost. They have about 30 cats right now looking to find a home. They see so many cats this time of year outside that need a place to stay warm.

Volunteer Barbara Stowers said any animal, no matter what it is, needs shelter and water. She said a lot of people think they can just eat snow for their hydration, but that’s not the case. “It’s a cruel way to die – freezing out there to death or starving to death is a terrible way for any animal, even people, to die. so we have to get them out,” explained Stowers. 

Stowers said they take in so many cats that come to their rescue after people find them freezing outside. “We did have a cat come in that had frostbite on its ears and there’s really nothing you can do for that,” Stowers said. “You can just see if it heals or see if they dry up and fall off.”

Stowers said a way you can help cats outside is by cutting a hole out of an old tub or cooler so the animals can keep warm in there, or if you have the ability to do so, Stowers also recommended taking a cat into the vet if you do see it outside in the cold.

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